Patricia Wallace has been passionate about the photographic medium of visual art for many years. While her busy academic and professional career left her little time to indulge her interest, once retired, a tour (Havana, Cuba) in 2004 with a professional photojournalist marked the beginning of a new voyage of photographic discovery.

Wallace travels extensively, and through her camera lens, seeks to reveal her subjective experience in three main genres: people in their natural environment as they go about their everyday lives; landscapes that depict constant change – adaptation and renewal; and cityscapes that communicate timelessness through iconic architecture – landmarks that bear witness to the past, but remain preserved as reminders of survival and magnificence.

Wallace has been a participant in workshops with internationally recognized professional photographers for more than a decade. Since 2006, she has taken part-time courses at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO) and on-going mentoring in all aspects of project development and fine art printmaking. She holds the value that the control of each step of the photographic process is important to her photographic integrity.

As a founding member of STUDIO 255 (2007), a group of four Ottawa photographers, Wallace has travelled with her colleagues to Paris (2009), Berlin (2010), Moscow (2012), London (2014) and Vienna (2016). Her photographic collections, that typify iconic architecture in these historic cities, are based on extensive research and evidence. Wallace’s work has been shown in a number of exhibitions in Ottawa galleries since 2004 as well as in Toronto (2011). Several of her Canadian landscape photographs were selected in 2013 by an independent jury on behalf of Foreign Affairs, Canada for display in diplomatic missions abroad. Her photographs are also held in private collections in Canada and the United States.